Develop The Right Strategy For Your Business Goals.

In today’s world, overcoming the ever-increasing IT complexity and
seizing the right opportunities is essential for business success.

Our experts at MDS Computers offer the most advanced innovative and transformative solutions for you to deploy and gain an unparalleled advantage over your competitors. Leverage our world-renowned services to design the pathway to successful digital transformation. Open a world of new opportunities, unlocking-depth insights, accelerate and innovate the world of hybrid cloud. We help you chart your digital transformation strategy for gaining the best possible business outcome.

The Edge Experience

MDS Computers Advisory and Operational Services will help you radically innovate your digital transformation strategy and put you on a path of unmatched success. Our enhanced digital strategies will make sure that the overall productivity and revenue is increased. By Incorporating our intelligent edge experience, you can:

  • Improve employee-centric experiences for better productivity.
  • Gain a strong digital foundation that leads to tremendous growth.
  • Boost loyalty and revenues.

In-depth insights

Our highly skilled experts facilitate automation in the physical world and help enrich and accelerate better decision-making. Equip your organization with our innovative and intelligent solutions that will help you attain data from different sources and incorporate machine learning to act according to previously hidden insights.

  • Real-time insights for better decision making.
  • In-depth past data analysis for enriched future decisions.
  • Our approach is rooted in security to ensure control and trust.

Reach your business goals faster with
MDS Computers Advisory And Operational Services.

Artificial Intelligence

Simplify big-data foundation and use advanced analytics with the help of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence services.


Rapidly adopt Container Platforms and help speed innovation and increase overall application agility.


Our solutions are designed in such a way that it ensures your data’s confidentiality, availability and integrity.


Equip yourself with the most innovative, cutting-edge and modern set of Digital Transformation tools.

Cloud Consulting Services

Our infrastructure and application experts ensure rapid acceleration of your journey to the cloud.

Network & IoT Services

Harness the true power of Intelligent Edge and redefine and build experiences for your employees and customers.

Our Process

In-depth Analysis

Our team of experts identifies and reviews organizational problems in workflow and automation and also assess your current software solutions in order to provide you the best possible solution.

Comprehensive Strategy

MDS Computers being one of the industry leaders assists you in designing the most competent strategy that suits your business needs so that you can leverage and derive maximum output from the latest technologies available. We also help you in simplifying your business software infrastructure.

Drastic Improvement

We work closely with your organization and not only do we help you access and implement necessary technologies and solutions; our team of experts also recommend steps for future improvement of the business.

Enhanced Performance

Our highly skilled team proactively works round the clock to analyze workflows, track performance and uncover various essential pain points. This process helps streamline and fine-tune your business process.

Lay The Foundation For
Digital Success With MDS Computers

We are one of the industry leaders and have helped organizations around the world to transform their digital strategy. IT services are at the epicenter of digital transformation today and we being experts in the field, can navigate and chart your way to unmatched success. With our out-of-the-box approach, we ensure that you and your customers will derive the best possible experience and outcome.

Our Advantage

MDS is one of the leading System Integrators in the Middle East Region. We work with leading vendors to provide our customers with innovative services and solutions that meet our customers evolving needs. We aim to deliver an up-to-date, stable, end-to-end IT Infrastructure environment.


With over 35+ years of experience in the UAE, we bring the best in class solutions to our customers.


Strategic partnerships and alignment with Global technology solution vendors like HPE, HPinc, Microsoft, Veeam, Vmware.

24/7 Support

Dedicated 24/7 local support team for all your IT needs.

Innovative Solutions

Our team of qualified solution architects, engineers and consultants enable us to create customized and innovative solutions.

Find out how MDS Computers can help you transform your IT Infrastructure!

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