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Around the world, businesses recognize how integral data is for their success. Performance expectations and constant system uptime have also increased. We at MDS Computers offer the most competent and innovative Data Protection Solutions which will ensure that your organization is not exposed to any downtime or data loss. Being one of the industry leaders; we have the most reliable, continuous and fast data protection solutions that will fit your essential business needs.

Storage Data Protection Solutions

Optimize Data Protection


Say goodbye to traditional ways of backing up applications and high maintenance costs. MDS Computers offer you scalable Data Protection Solutions that cut your backup time from hours to minutes. You can now easily protect anything – apps, systems and data.


Our solutions will help your enterprise not only in decreasing backup storage costs but also to make sure that there is no data replication and reduplication. Thus, lowering the overall amount of storage needed data.

Cloud migration

Our team of data protection experts helps your organization seamlessly migrate business data to the cloud and offer you complete control of your environment. With our solutions on your side, you will be able to manage all your workloads in an effective manner.

Protection and Performance

MDS Computers data protection solutions are designed in such a way that it helps improve and accelerate the performance of your entire virtual infrastructure.

Unlock the full value of data

Storage Data Protection Solutions in UAE

Storage Data Protection Solutions

The ever-growing complexity of data means enterprises need competent and data protection solutions that maximize their data security, performance and storage efficiency. MDS Computers Storage Data Protection Solutions help facilitate maximum uptime for your business while lowering overall costs.

Simplify: Our solutions are designed in a way that simplifies overall data management.

Data recovery: Leverage our solutions for instant restore functionality.

Cost Control: Substantially cut down storage infrastructure costs.

Cloud Data Protection Solutions

MDS Computers helps your organization to seamlessly integrate data with the cloud and allows you to adopt storage and cloud applications while maintaining complete control and visibility. We have partnered with leading cloud storage providers for you to leverage the most advanced and competent cloud data protection solutions.

Cloud security: Increased security, lowered costs and maximum uptime.

Easy Audit: Automated and easy audits of data in the cloud.

Logging and reporting : Complete content inspection of the user.

Storage Data Protection Solutions in Dubai
Storage Data Protection Solutions UAE

Modern Backup Data Protection

Our Highly-Skilled Data protection experts help your organization meet today’s modern and complex requirements like backup and recovery, business continuity, high availability, and disaster recovery across applications. Jumpstart your Data Protection journey with our fully integrated, automated and easy to use set of Modern Backup Data Protection Solutions.

No Downtime : Successful and continuous running of the business and its applications.

Managed Solutions : Leverage our managed data protection and storage infrastructure.

Across the world : Backup and recovery of critical data from anywhere.

Data Protection for modern businesses


MDS Computers offers industry-leading Data Protection Solutions that help your organizations transform data into business assets. You can effectively leverage the cloud backup services, economics of the cloud and also enjoy reliable and fast backup and recovery of your data.

Our Advantage

MDS is one of the leading System Integrators in the Middle East Region. We work with leading vendors to provide our customers with innovative services and solutions that meet our customers evolving needs. We aim to deliver an up-to-date, stable, end-to-end IT Infrastructure environment.


With over 35+ years of experience in the UAE, we bring the best in class solutions to our customers.


Strategic partnerships and alignment with Global technology solution vendors like HPE, HPinc, Microsoft, Veeam, Vmware.

24/7 Support

Dedicated 24/7 local support team for all your IT needs.

Innovative Solutions

Our team of qualified solution architects, engineers and consultants enable us to create customized and innovative solutions.

Find out how MDS Computers can help you transform your IT Infrastructure!

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