Intelligent Edge: Transforming Computing Forever

The worldwide shift of organizations towards digitations
has placed enormous pressure on connectivity.

As a growing number of connected technologies interact with each other, they generate huge amounts of data that need to be quickly accessed, reviewed and executed. MDS Computers has always been at the helm of innovation and technology and offers Intelligent Edge solutions and services for maximum business efficiency. The intelligent Edge is a paradigm that develops solutions and analyzes at the site where the data is generated. Through this radically innovative approach, our solutions help users to get real-time and in-depth insights and experiences that are delivered by contextually aware and highly responsive applications.

Range of Components That Make Intelligent Edge


Facilitate data exchange by easily connecting people, things and devices.


Systems can collect this data, compute it and provide real-time insights that concern the surrounding environment.


Our Intelligent Edge solutions are capable of using computed insights to implement decisions like controlling the device.


Get rid of traditional monitoring and managing of data as our Intelligent Edge Devices have autonomous computing capabilities.

Derive Maximum Value From Your Data
Through Intelligent Edge Solutions

IoT Edge Computing

Our Edge experts offer you the latest mobile IoT solutions that help in improving overall efficiency, develop new business with in-depth new insights and also engage customers in a better manner.

Edge Solutions And Services
Edge Solutions And Services in UAE

Data Analysis

Unlock the true potential of your data with the help of our Intelligent Edge Solutions. Access and analyze data through automated processes and make better business decisions.

Transform Your Workspace

You can now achieve an all wireless, digital, mobile-first and a completely modern workplace where there is unlimited mobility and complete security. This will also lead to increased employee productivity and satisfaction.

Edge Solutions And Services UAE
Edge Solutions And Services in Dubai

Supreme Mobility

Our Edge Solutions offers you superior user experiences and also provides you with extreme mobility as these solutions can be used anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Modern Experiences

Leverage the latest technology and solutions to integrate with and revolutionize public venues. Create state-of-the-art venues equipped with world-class technology.

Edge Solutions And Services

Leverage MDS Computers Edge Solutions

Reduce Dependency

We help you get rid of the long-distance transfer of data between remote cloud servers and connected devices.

Our Edge solutions have a pre-integrated data management system and they help you achieve immediate insight and control, thus reducing dependency on data rate, bandwidth, or latency.

Edge Solutions And Services in UAE
Edge Solutions And Services UAE


We help you facilitate Intelligent Edge Solutions that can help your business save bandwidth by taking a major load off from the main network.

Our Edge devices facilitate the processing of raw data, which leads to less data required to be transferred to the cloud.


Storage and bandwidth are expensive resources for any organization.

With the help of Edge and local processing of data helps reduce geographical distances and backhaul traffic volumes. Your overall cost is significantly lowered without the demand for huge internet bandwidth and cloud storage.

Edge Solutions And Services in Dubai
Edge Solutions And Services

Increased Security

Unifying security management system solutions of Edge provides intelligent and innovative threat protection.

We understand that not all your business data is required to be transferred to a cloud-based server and thus our solutions help your business to locally store data. Thus, reducing the amount of sensitive data required to be transferred and greatly minimizing risk.

Seamless User Experience

Greatly enhance your organization’s power to sync and integrate connected systems and devices through data replication.

This helps in improving the overall user experience.

Edge Solutions And Services in UAE
Edge Solutions And Services UAE

Reducing Overhead Expenses

Our Intelligent Edge solutions drastically reduce the amount of data needed to be transferred to the cloud and frees up the cloud space.

As the cloud is free for other tasks, this method of prioritization can greatly improve system efficiency and drastically reduce overall expenses related to the transfer of data from the device to the cloud.

Leverage MDS Computers Edge Solutions

Equip your enterprise with the most advanced, innovative and cutting edge
Intelligent Edge Solutions offered by MDS Computers.

Our solutions are powered by Artificial Intelligence and real-time databases that provide in-depth insights of systems and applications. Real-time route navigation, fraud detection facial recognition software, predictive risk assessments for better health awareness – there is no upper limit to the benefits that Intelligent Edge Solutions have to offer.

Our Advantage

MDS is one of the leading System Integrators in the Middle East Region. We work with leading vendors to provide our customers with innovative services and solutions that meet our customers evolving needs. We aim to deliver an up-to-date, stable, end-to-end IT Infrastructure environment.


With over 35+ years of experience in the UAE, we bring the best in class solutions to our customers.


Strategic partnerships and alignment with Global technology solution vendors like HPE, HPinc, Microsoft, Veeam, Vmware.

24/7 Support

Dedicated 24/7 local support team for all your IT needs.

Innovative Solutions

Our team of qualified solution architects, engineers and consultants enable us to create customized and innovative solutions.

Find out how MDS Computers can help you transform your IT Infrastructure!

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