Microsoft 365 for Business

MDS Computers facilitates partnering with one of the world’s most trusted brands – Microsoft and helps your enterprise bring together best-in-class office apps integrated with device management, enhanced security and seamless cloud services.

Increased Productivity

Transform collaboration and connect employees and people irrespective of their geographical location and increase productivity.

  • Office Apps: Keep all your devices updated with the latest versions of Excel, Word and PowerPoint etc.
  • Connectivity: Integrated features like chats, calls and online meetings to keep your team connected.
  • Cloud: Manage all your critical files from anywhere in the world with the help of Cloud Storage.
Integrated Ict Solutions
Integrated Ict Solutions in Dubai

Modern Workplace

Modern tools that will completely streamline your business processes and simplify the way work gets done.

  • Insights: Easily create polls, questionnaires and surveys and gather in-depth insights and data from customers and employees.
  • Digitalize: Leverage digital forms from Microsoft and greatly reduce manual paperwork.
  • Unchanged Environment: Third-party app integrations can easily be done with the apps that you already have so that you don’t have to change your digital environment.

Enhanced Security

Safeguard your critical customer information, data and employees with world-class security.

  • Cyber Threats: Protect yourself against malware, spam, viruses and other threats.
  • Customer Safety: Customer data is integral for any business and you can now protect this information from accidental deletion, unauthorized access and cybercriminals.
  • Secure Devices: Employees can access data from anywhere in the world but it will still be secure.
Integrated Ict Solutions in UAE


We at MDS Computers understand the ever-growing organizational needs to expand and scale. With our integrated solutions like Microsoft Azure, you can easily access cloud services and build, deploy and manage on a massive scale. Thus, leverage the global network to overcome any organizational challenge.

Integrated Ict Solutions in UAE


Microsoft and MDS Computers, both, have always promoted innovative solutions that will equip your enterprise with the most advanced technology and products.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Get access to the most comprehensive artificial intelligence portfolio and integrate your website, bots and apps with intelligent algorithms.
  • Analytics: World-class analytic solutions that seamlessly converts your data into insights with utmost speed and security.
  • IoT: Easily connect IoT (Internet of Things) devices with plug and play integration and form an effective IoT ecosystem.
Integrated Ict Solutions in Dubai


Integrate and easily manage various tools and services designed for the hybrid cloud. You have complete control and freedom to operate anywhere – on-premise, at the edge or on the cloud.

  • Unified Platform: Deploy and manage a single integrated platform that ensures simplify access and enhanced security.
  • AI for Edge: Attain real-time insights as you analyze and interpret information close to the physical world.
  • Security: Centrally managed security for your cloud or on-premise resources.
Integrated Ict Solutions


Equip your organization with proactive and trusted compliances and a team of experts to implement and deploy the most advanced solutions.

  • Experts: A team of highly skilled security experts that actively monitor and protect your business data.
  • Compliances: Streamline compliance from any cloud service provider and safeguard your data.
  • Privacy: You can be assured that your data can only be accessed by you as you will have complete control over it.

Microsoft Licensing

All Enterprises Face Challenges Like Managing and Complying With Software Licenses.

Our experts at MDS Computers help your organization understands the licenses you own, manage and utilize optimum benefits. MDS Computers have specialized teams that are experts in licensing services and our solutions are designed in such a way that it meets your business requirement. Our certified experts closely work with your team to empower them so that they can make optimum use of the software.

Trust the experts and derive maximum benefits from the software owned.
Tailor-made solutions to meet your organization's needs.
Equip yourself with data-loss prevention to monitor and protect business sensitive information.
Make the most out of your licenses and softwares.

Microsoft Volume Licensing and Services

All enterprises would like to be future ready and prepared, especially when they are on a path of success. An organization might need multiple licenses and software to seamlessly grow and scale and we at MDS Computers help you facilitate that transition in the most efficient and cost-effective manner through Microsoft Volume Licensing and Services.

The Most Prominent Advantage of Microsoft Volume Licensing is Lowered Installation Price And Two To Three Year License Agreements.

Another key benefit that organizations can leverage is product use rights i.e. you can use the software for simultaneous use on numerous devices and computers.

  • Custom solutions according to the size and needs of the organization.
  • Updated software licensing audits and compliances.
  • Availability of long term license agreements.
  • Scale your business without incurring huge costs.
Integrated Ict Solutions UAE

Our Advantage

MDS is one of the leading System Integrators in the Middle East Region. We work with leading vendors to provide our customers with innovative services and solutions that meet our customers evolving needs. We aim to deliver an up-to-date, stable, end-to-end IT Infrastructure environment.


With over 35+ years of experience in the UAE, we bring the best in class solutions to our customers.


Strategic partnerships and alignment with Global technology solution vendors like HPE, HPinc, Microsoft, Veeam, Vmware.

24/7 Support

Dedicated 24/7 local support team for all your IT needs.

Innovative Solutions

Our team of qualified solution architects, engineers and consultants enable us to create customized and innovative solutions.

Find out how MDS Computers can help you transform your IT Infrastructure!

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